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12 Interesting And Unknown Facts About soccer

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1. soccer originated in China around 476 B.C.

2. soccer is that the most vie and most watched sport on earth.

3. soccer is that the most well liked sport within the world. Over one billion fans watch tourneysoccer on tv.

4. the most important soccer tournament saw no but five,098 teams. They competed in 1999 for the second port League Seven-a-SidFunny-Football-Pictures-and-Quotes-2014-5gyge Competition. Over 35,000 players participated.

5. the most variety of goals scored by one player during a single soccer match was sixteen. it had been scored by Stephan Stanis (France) taking part in for racing Club de Lens in December 1942.

6. supported video proof, one in every of the quickest ever scored was in a pair of.8 seconds byeconomist Olivera (Uruguay) in December 1998.

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7. soccer goalies did not have to imagesjhvhjvwear completely different colored shirts from their teammates till1913.

8. soccer plwebbjhvhvayers run a median of nine.65 kms throughout each game.

9. The terribly 1st game of basketball was played with a ball.

10. The World’s 1st soccer Club was the english sheffield football Club. it had been supported in 1857 by commissioned military officer Nathaniel Cresswick and Major William Priest, 2 British Army officer.
11. European groups have reached each world cup final, aside from the finals of 1930 and 1950.

12. the highest evaluation game was clocked 149-0. Stade Olympique de L’emyrne, a team from Madagascar scored their own goals. They did it as a type of protest for the unfair call by referee .

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