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Tottenham vs Chelsea: Spurs job is way easier than mine, claims Jose Mourinho

Maurixyz1234cio Pochettino may be a nice manager however no one cares if he loses, says Jose Mourinho, prior to London lid.

Jose Mourinho has claimed Tottenham Hotspur and their head coach Mauricio Pochettino have gotten it straightforward as they mix a high four challenge with transportation through a bunch of young players.

Chelsea manager Mourinho has conjointly aforesaid he has no sympathy with Spurs over their effortful fixture list prior to Sunday’s mealtime clash at White Hart Lane.

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Tottenham ar unconquered within the League since the gap day defeat to Manchester United and presently sit in fifth place, ten points prior to Chelsea.

While reworking Spurs into serious high four challengers, Pochettino has conjointly given possibilities to variety of kids, together with Harry Kane, Dele Alli, United Nations agency is suspended on Sunday, Eric Dier, Ryan Mason and Nabil Bentaleb.

Mourinho is affected by the work Pochettino, United Nations agepochuncy he enjoys an in depth relationship with, has done at Spurs however believes the Argentine is helped by the actual fact he’s operating below less pressure than the club’s top-four rivals.

“The team is de facto smart, they keep the players they require to stay and that i assume they create the proper players in,” aforesaid Mourinho. “No pressure on them, adore it is within the different four or 5 high groups to succeed in vital positions. in order that they have nice conditions to try to to the impressive work they’re doing.

“Nobody speaks concerning them as title contenders like they talk about (Manchester) town, (Manchester) United, this which. They lose a few of matches and zip happens. they’re within the europa League, within the cluster part, and nobody cares this at this stage.

“They go swimmingly step by step, build a team, new players and provides conditions for the young players to develop. they need smart conditions to try to to a awfully smart work. once the club is powerful to choose they do not sell and to choose they will invest and convey during this or that, they need smart conditions and no pressure to try to to impressive work. they have an excellent mana
ger, that they need. And smart players, that they need and therefore the conditions too.”

Mourinho likened Pochettino’s supposed pressure-free surrounterrydings at White Hart Lane to the one he enjoyed at the beginning of his social control career at Portuguese club Uniao Delaware Leiria.

“When i used to be in an exceedingly team whose objectives weren’t to be relegated, in Dec we have a tendencygtyy to were third and it absolutely was fantastic,” aforesaid Mourinho. “You might get into each match afterward knowing you’ll lose. you’ll herald young players delicately, even though they don’t seem to be prepared. You play the highest groups and if you win you are a hero. If not, it’s one thing terribly natural. I enjoyed it.”

Tottenham solely arrived back in England from a effortful europe League trip to Asian nation to face Qarabag at four.30am on Friday morning, prior to their mealtime Sunday kick-off against Chelsea.

Pochettino branded the schedule a “joke”, however Mourinho doesn’t believe Spurs will expect sympathy from Chelsea over their fixture list.

Mourinho was furious 2 seasons agone, once Chelsea had to play each legs of their Champions League semi-final against Atletico madrid and jaunt Liverpool within the house of 9 days. Despite the schedule, the Blues won 2-0 at Anfield.

“We contend a Champions League semi-final against Atletico Spanish capital in one weertyk, we have a tendency to contend Tuesday and Wed,” aforesaid Mourinho, United Nations agency can assess captain John Terry’s gliding joint injury on Sat when the defender uncomprehensible coaching on Friday.

“In the center of those 2 matches we have a tendency to had to play against port and our country determined it absolutely was not a retardant for North American nation to play Sat or Sunday.

So we have a tendency to contend Sunday prior to the second leg of the Champions League, the most important competition within the world. thus if that wasn’t a retardant for Chelsea, why is it a retardant currently for Tottenham? That Champions League semi-final was at the top of the season once legs ar alittle heavier than in Nov. It wasn’t a retardant for North American nation. it is not a retardant for them.

“We either have an answer for everybody or nobody. In Italy, Germany and Portugal there’s an answer for everybody. You play Tuesday, then you play Friday. If you play on Th, you play on Mon. There ar rules for everybody. Here, it is the same for everybody.”

Mourinho had a wrangle with Diego Costa throughout the Champions League success over Maccabi metropolis and, whereas he insists the try have created up, believes the striker should begin reading things higher to come to his best goalscoring type.

Costa has solely scored four goals this season, one amongst that came within the success over Norwich town last week, and Mourinho said: “He’s not reading the sport properly in these actions. That was my opinion. As a striker he should browse.

“You got to play not once you have the ball, however once others have the ball. you have got to anticipate things and skim the sport quicker. Everything is Associate in Nursing accumulation (of confidence). you are not afire once more simply because you’ve got scored a goal against Norwich. it is a method.”

Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba claimed this facet lack leaders at the launch of his life story, however Mourinho said: “When you speak as a result of you wish to sell books, i do not browse.

Updated: November 29, 2015 — 2:30 pm

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